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Travel & Tourism

In today’s fast paced travel & hospitality industry, PSS understands the dynamism in its rapid growth, fierce competition and increasing customer expectations. The Internet has allowed for smart and proactive suppliers to connect with their customers, move stocks and stay ahead of the competition. Medium and large scale travel companies realize the need for partners who understand the online environment and are capable of developing successful online strategies for their business. PSS develops solutions that are customized to the need of individual customers; turnkey solutions for travel agencies and intermediaries, airlines, hotels and transportation companies.

At PSS we use our understanding of the diverse travel and transportation audiences to develop solutions that not only help companies sell smartly and more economically but also reach across the enterprise and the value chain. Our tailor-made solutions can help in reducing operational costs, increasing operational efficiency and build long lasting relationships with customers while keeping your employees motivated.

Key Strength Areas

Airline Distribution Systems Integration
Hotel Booking
Internet Booking Engine
Agency Backoffice Integration
Web Services
Custom Application Development and Maintenance for Travel Technology Companies
Loyalty Program Application