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The business world is transforming at a fast pace. To sustain competitive advantage in this changing environment, it is imperative for companies to connect the entire enterprise together. PSS has been helping global enterprises achieve this imperative. PSS has extensive experience across SAP solutions — consulting, end-to-end implementations, upgrades, and support — helping customers implement, optimize, and enhance value from their SAP investments.

Client Challenges

Increasingly complex network of processes
Critical information spread across disparate systems
Absence of data flow transparency and lack of integration of the enterprise with its extended eco-system
Need for statutory compliance and tackling performance management

SIS Provides

Based on the Think, Build, and Operate model, PSS’ comprehensive portfolio of offerings span the complete life cycle of SAP enterprise solutions — enabling enterprises to transform, enhance, and optimize. Our offerings include:

Pre-implementation: PSS’ offerings in the pre-implementation stage lay the foundation for business transformation. We provide innovative solutions like Software as a Service (SaaS), and help enterprises leverage     SOA to develop solutions to meet their industry challenges.

Implementation: PSS supports enterprises through the implementation stage by deploying the right solutions to make them agile.

Post-implementation: In the post–implementation stage, PSS helps with upgrade, SAP health check, and SAP audit to enable enterprises maximize the value of their SAP investments.

Business Value

By offering SAP enterprise solutions, PSS enables companies across industries benefit from the following:
Simplified technology landscapes
Integrated processes
Streamlined operations
Agility and improved connectivity