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IT Consulting

Premium Software consulting division provides assistance to the Clients for their Continually changing IT Environments and improve their Effectiveness & efficiency by adopting advanced versions, technologies, Methodologies, Cross-platform and multi usage soft wares` & platforms.
Our technology implementation services involve software building, testing and deploying applications ,consolidating and rationalizing our clients’ existing applications and IT environments
Our Unique & recommended technology implementation services are typically characterized by
Short delivery cycles

Stringent services levels

Incorporation of rapid, iterative development techniques into our approach

Perfect and accurate prototyping,

Solution demonstrations using different tools that enable to work closely with our clients
PSS provides a broad set of Software Application outsourcing services that enable to provide comprehensive support for our clients’ applications and platforms.
We believe that our application outsourcing services are different because they are based on the principle of migrating installed applications to flexible platforms that can sustain further growth and business change.
We do this by:
Developing a Roadmap for the evolution of applications into platforms

Establishing an ongoing planning and governance process for managing change

Analyzing applications for common patterns and

Identifying application components that can be extended or enhanced as core components

Integrating new functions, features and technologies into the target architecture